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Starting a home update or renovation project is always exciting, who doesn’t like an update, new bathroom and new look. But one of the first things you have to plan is the budget, especially projects for the bathroom which involves numerous, trades, expensive appliances and accessories in today’s hot Perth marketplace. To help you get the right numbers for your renovation budget, here is a quick overview of how much some standard bathroom accessories set and fittings cost.

Budget Plumbing – it’s in our name, once you have your budget in hand, head to our bathroom and plumbing supply store – Budget Plumbing Centre, you can checkout some products online or come to our plumbing warehouse Bibra Lake and see the bathroom products for yourself. We have a diverse collection of all the necessary bathroom and kitchen appliances from renowned Australian and international brands. No matter your budget, we will work with you to get the perfect bathroom for your needs.

How Much Do Bathroom Accessories & Appliances Cost

*Disclaimer – depending on when you read this informative blog and what the economy is doing, pricing does vary. Always give us a call and we can see what we can do. That said we still wanted to give you some good information on the average prices of common bathroom accessories sets:

1. Cabinets & Vanity Units

If you have a large bathroom, it stands to reason you may have a lot of toiletries and bath products to store. If you have adult children, they may like to leave their bathroom products around the sink or by the side of the tub (we’re generalising😊). It’s not a good look and that’s why one of the first things you need to get for your bathroom is a cabinet or a freestanding vanity unit. 

If you have a small bathroom and running short on floor space, wall-mounted cabinets are a great way to keep your bathroom organised without cramming bathroom space.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more elegant and a centre piece, go for a freestanding vanity unit. You can also embed the sink within the vanity unit to save that space.

Price Range: $199 (small) to $5000 (centre piece).

2. Basins & Mixers 

The next important accessory for your bathroom are the basin and mixers. As discussed above you can either embed the basin in the vanity unit or create a separate stand. We offer above-counter basinsdrop-in basinshalf-inset basinsunder-mount basins and semi-recessed basins. You will find them in shades of white, black or clear glass with both glossy or matte finish. 

Price: $169 to $855

Now, if you have a basin, you will need mixers. Our diverse range of bathroom mixers includes freestanding mixerstower mixers and mixers designed especially for your shower and bath. Our mixers are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials and can last at least 12 to 20 years.

Pricing: $95 to $1600+

3. Showers & Bathtubs

Next on the list is the shower and bathtub. Unlike the other accessories on the list, setting up your shower or bathtub area in your bathroom requires a few more items. For starters, you will need a shower/bath screen, the showerhead or for the bathtub, a shower base with a mixer connected to the hot water system. 

After this consider a bathroom mirror and a towel rail to hang the dry towels while you take a bath or a shower.

For bathtubs we have an amazing range, you can choose between freestanding bathscorner bathsoval/rectangular baths and claw foot baths. Available in shades of white, black and burgundy (limited products). Our bathroom and plumbing supply store is filled with reputed Australian and International brands like Kingsley, Bosch and Alpine. 

Price: $330 to $4300+

You can choose between rectangular and corner units with framed and frameless options for the shower unit.

Price: $1300 to $2700+ 

4. Toilets 

Will your toilet be inside the bathroom or have a separate WC? In our collection, you will find elegant toilet suites for modern homes. In addition we offer a few extra colour options and classic whites to ensure it matches your overall bathroom theme. 

Popular in Europe and still selling in Perth are bidet’s! Not just for your grandparents bathroom, at Budget Plumbing we have a range of Bidet’s Perth, we also have a few bidet toilet seats we can even attach a mixer.  Colour options are classic and glossy white. 

Price: $375 to $3200+

5. Hot Water Systems 

Let’s discuss the most important bathroom appliance — a hot water system. After all, bathing can never truly be comfortable unless you have a constant flow of pleasantly warm water from your instant hot water system. 

At our store, we offer both electric and instant gas hot water systems. You can use a small 10-litre water heater if you live alone or have a small family. For bigger families that need warm water all day long, we also have bigger units of 25 litres, 30 litres, 50 litres and so on.

If you want something a little more special with energy efficiency, check out the new Bosch heat pump.  The best way to describe the process for heating the water is like an air conditioner. So efficient its eligible for government rebates (you will need to check this is still applicable) and works in with PV solar systems – your bathroom and energy bill will love you.    

Pricing: $479 to $3200+

Bottom Line

With these 5 bathroom appliances and accessories, you will be able to calculate a rough cost guide for your bathroom. After that, you will also have to invest in Perth trades for flooring, wall paint etc

If you are stuck and you think your budget may not fit, come to Budget Plumbing. Finding the right accessories for your bathroom can be overwhelming, but not when you have a one-stop destination at Budget Plumbing Centre. Find everything you need from your favourite Australian brands within your budget.

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