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How To Buy the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Bathroom 

If you are watching this season of “The Block’ you know that shower screens can really round out the look of your bathroom. They not only keep the wet areas of your bathroom clean but also look a damn site better than shower curtains.  

Which shower screen is the best for your area? We will help you decide that today. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best glass shower screens in Perth, visit Budget Plumbing Centre. With a diverse range of bathroom accessories, branded tapware Perth and hot water system Perth, we have everything you will need to give your bathroom a glam makeover.  

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Bathroom  

Here are a few things to consider while selecting the ideal shower screen for your bathroom. 

1. Picking the Right Size 

The first thing you must decide upon when choosing a shower screen for your bathroom is the size. While shower screens can make your bathroom look more organised, the wrong size will immediately make it look like an afterthought. 

Email or bring in your plans and Budget plumbing’s helpful staff will assist and set it all out for you! If running short on space, go for aframeless shower unit. These screens seamlessly blend into compact spaces, require fewer accessories, fixtures and are transparent, giving the illusion of a big, unified bathroom. (Similar to frameless glass around a pool). 

You can also use corner shower screensto save a little floor area. Utilising the corners, tuck your shower neatly to a side and let the rest of the bathroom run free from accessories.  

Top Tip – the more space you have between two bathroom appliances or fixtures, the larger your bathroom will appear. 

2. Commitment to Maintenance  

Budget Plumbing’s can help you think long term, we’ve done this a lot! The job of the shower screen doesn’t end with selection and installation. When choosing the perfect shower screen for your bathroom, you also must consider the maintenance that will go into it. For example,framed shower screens require more cleaning than frameless units. The metal of the frame can not only trap grime between the gaps and are prone to rust and moisture damage. 

Remember that clear glass is much easier to clean than tinted or frosted glass (well – maybe frosted may hide calcium build-up). One quick scrub of mild soap or white vinegar and a clear glass shower screen will be sparkling new. On the other hand, with processed glass, you must be careful not to scrape off or use abrasive cleaners on the tint.  

Your shower screen should be a component of your bathroom that is simple to access if you don’t want to spend your entire weekend cleaning them. 

3. Blending With the Theme 

Don’t forget the bigger picture while trying to find the perfect shower unit for your bathroom. It’s not the screen alone that has to be perfect. It should also go with the overall theme of your bathroom. 

For example, a dark-themed bathroom with lots of black or grey-hued appliances, it only makes sense to go for a black-framed shower screen or a completely transparent shower unit. 

Similarly, don’t waste your money and space installing a separate shower unit if you have a bathtub and a shower. Instead, buy a wall-fixed shower glass demarcating the boundaries for the two. 

4. Budgeting Wisely 

When shopping for a shower screen, your budget is one of the most crucial factors.  As our name suggests budget plumbing is about bringing you the best brands with the best quality for your budget. We know that the bathroom takes up one of the largest chunks of your home renovation budget.  

On average, a shower screen can cost between $1000 to $3000, some even more especially if you are going for branded ones with added customisation. 

This is why customers come to us, even if you have budgetary constraints, we will find something in your range that you love.  

We have it all from cheap shower units for your investment or a luxury shower screen for your home. 

5. Find the Right Brand  

For your next shower screen, take the time and go for quality over the brand of shower screen. Budget Plumbing knows what works, when you spend thousands on a bathroom installation, you want it to last for years. We stand behind brand that carry a guarantee of uncompromised durability. Look at our reliable bathroom accessory brands Decina andJohnson Suisse

Bottom Line 

When you are looking for shower screens, forget all trends and fads. All that matters is the look fit, your comfort and if the shower screen can stand up to the test of time. With Budget Plumbing Centre you’ll never have to accept anything less than ideal. Considering our vast collection of shower screens, you will find the one meant for you. Keep your eyes open on our website to check out the latest designs rolling in. 

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