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5 Best Brand For the Ultimate Bathroom Vanity Unit

5 Best Brand For the Ultimate Bathroom Vanity Unit in Perth

The best bathroom accessories in Perth come from the best brands. When it comes to home installations like bathroom supplies designed to last for a decade, we always recommend prioritising quality, resilience and brand value over everything else. So if you are set out to find the best vanity units Perth for your bathroom, we have the ultimate brand guide for you.

Read all the way through to find out about the best Australian brands for vanity unit shopping and then head over to Budget Plumbing Centre. We’ve got hundreds of options from the best bathroom outlet in Perth, you will never run out of choices with us

Best Brand for Vanity Units In Australia

Wondering where to start when picking out the best vanity unit for your bathroom? Let’s start by helping you select the perfect toilet brand:

Architectural Designer Products (ADP)

ADP is a renowned Australian brand and a family-owned business that takes immense pride in investing in local manufacturing and creating the highest-grade Australian-made bathroom supplies and vanity units. Each product by ADP really is a piece of art.

For instance, its beautiful yet affordable wall hung vanity unit comes with drawers, a tap hole, plug & waste and a stunning ceramic and graphite finish at just $800.


Alpine is another proud Australian bathroom accessory brand that specialises in crafting minimalist yet functional bathroom supplies and vanity units. With over 40 years of experience, Alpine has unlocked the secret to designing high-quality, eco-friendly bathroom accessories designed for your unique needs.

For example, here we have this stunning free-standing vanity unit that is fully assembled with doors, tap holes and polished countertops and is also FSC-Approved for its eco-friendly composition. Isn’t that the perfect catch?

Australian Cabinetry Paired
Australian Cabinetry Paired


Next on the list is Everhard, Australia’s favourite bathroom brand for timeless looks and unique solutions. The brand is best known for its love for neutral tones that can easily be balanced with a dash of colours to maintain a classy yet fun bathroom look.

The same can be said for their vanity units, which showcases a dazzling white ceramic finish.

One of our favourite Everhard bathroom vanity units is this under-mounted vanity unit and the free-standing regular vanity unit. Both of them offer adequate storage space and are complete with doors, tap holes, backboard and shelves. The units also have a high gloss finish, adding extra glamour to any bathroom you put them in.


If you are looking for more options, you certainly have to try Fienza. The brand caters to unique tastes in decor, making its vanity units suitable for every bathroom.

For instance, these corner vanities are perfect for smaller bathrooms – you get all the benefits of a sink and storage unit without giving up too much floor area.

Fienza is also one of the few bathroom brands that offer adequate diversity when it comes to the style and colour of the vanity units. Take this stunning black vanity unit, for example. Made of vitrified china with a glazed finish, this unit is the best way to experiment with your bathroom’s look. Try matching it up with a complete shower unit to spice it up more.


Kinsley is best known for its innovative bathroom solutions and offer a touch of contemporary elegance. Kinsley products excel in both functionality and beauty, making them the perfect pick for every homeowner.

At Budget Plumbing Centre, we have a growing collection of Kinsley bathroom accessories, especially vanity units. For instance, this classic free-standing vanity unit is perfect for smaller families. You get enough cabinets and drawers to categorise your grooming products, and the embedded sink saves you the hassle of installing one separately.

If you are looking for a smaller vanity for your powder room, we’ve got you covered. This powder room vanity unit offers a functional sink, a small cabinet and a high-gloss finish for easy maintenance.

The Bottom Line

A Budget Plumbing bathroom brand is not just a name or tag for your bathroom supplies – it’s a promise of trust, quality and reliability. As new homeowners, if you are having trouble choosing the right service provider for your new home, this guide is all you need.

Each of the brands listed here have been servicing thousands of Australian families for decades, leaving a mark of their excellent craftsmanship on the way. Topped with the service and support of Budget Plumbing Centre, your dream bathroom is just a click away.

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