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Getting the right bathroom fixture can glamorise your brand new bathroom by leaps and bounds. The perfect bathroom accessories Perth should be sturdy from the core and designed for the long run. If timeless beautyis as important as being problem free, make sure you only shop from Budget Plumbing Centre.

Budget Plumbing Centre is one of the few bathroom suppliers Perth that brings together countless bathroom accessory brands together under one roof or in our online shop. Instead of hopping from shop to shop, come to the one place for the best bathroom accessory brands or even browse and buy from the comfort of your home.

Top 7 Brands for Bathroom Accessories

At budget plumbing centre we know that branded fittings don’t have to come at a cost. We understand budgets and can recommend a product that has a warranty minimising repairing hassles and go the distance for longer.

Here are the top seven brands for bathroom accessories Perth:

1. Architectural Designer Products

Based in Sydney, this family-run business has been serving thousands of families across Australia and Perth for the last 21 years. Be it vanity units or bamboo basin,ADP is unbeatable.

The brand focuses on creativity and its drive has led them to be one of Australia’s largest and most innovative bathroom accessory manufacturer. ADP is committed to sustainability with their manufacturing process designed to minimise waste. ADP manufacture every piece of bathroom accessory with pride and precision backed by impeccable customer service.

If you are looking for stylish basin Perth, then you should definitely check out this elegant black and white piece by ADP.

2. Caroma Industries

We cannot discuss bathroom tapware and not mention Caroma. Ruling the bathroom accessories Perth industry for more than 78 years, Caroma swears by the ultimate combination of functionality, form and design. The brand aims at creating sustainable luxury, which reflects in each of their products.

Starting from simple bathroom tapware set to elegant bathroom basins, Caroma remains consistent in its efforts to bring sustainable luxury to every home in Australia.

3. Decina Bathroomware

Since 1989, Decina has created countless luxurious bathrooms and manufactured over a million baths in their Queensland factory. The brand is very particular about its product quality.

That’s why each of their products excels the pre-set Australian standards. To further enhance the experience, they only use sanitary grade acrylic. This keeps the bathroom fittings glossy and resistant to damage.

If you want to switchregular bathtubs Perth for a cosy spa bath, then make sure to check out this corner spa bath by Decina.

With 12 jets, including 6 mod mini jets and 6 mod centre jets, the tile-beaded bathtub offers the best-in-class bathing experience. Decina also backs this classic product with a whopping 10-year warranty.

4. Fienza

If the visual appeal of your bath fittings is as important as the overall quality and functionality, the Fienza has the perfect collection for you.

Fienza is not only compliant with Australian regulations and plumbing codes but is also Watermark and WELS certified. The brand’s prime aim is to curate stylish, functional bathroom fixtures that fit modern needs.

With unconventional designs like this matte black bathtub and gorgeous glass accessory for bathroom basins, Fienza is already way ahead of the competition.

At Budget Plumbing Centre, we blend the best of Fienza’s collection with our flawless customer support. Click here to view the entire Fienza collection at our store.

5. Kingsley

Tubs and basins aren’t the only bathroom fittings that you will need. Our bathroom accessory collection also covers durable bathroom tapware, mirrors and cabinets by Kingsley.

These taps are plated with brass to increase their durability and resistance to rust. You can count on all these pieces to last for decades without any hiccup.

We also have a collection of edged Kingsley mirrors. Apart from being durable and safer than regular mirrors, the consistent edges give the impression of a larger bathroom.

6. Phoenix Tapware

Over the last 20 years, Phoenix has grown to be one of the finest bathroom suppliers Perth. Their wide range of bathroom fixtures has something for every type of bathroom.

Our collection of Phoenix products mainly consists of glossy tapware, towel holders, robe hooks and much more.  

Phoenix are incredible at curating the perfect blend of beauty and functionality so you may notice that Phoenix bathroom accessories have a higher price point. Considering their 15-year warranty you will get a much higher return that what you pay for these bathroom accessories Perth.

7. Radiant Heating

Radiant has a variety of bathroom fittings, Budget Plumbing CentresRadiant collection focuses on its world-class towel rails. Whether you want a small towel rail or a huge floor-to-ceiling holder, Radiant’s premium-range towel rails are compatible with every bathroom.

One of their best pieces is this heated towel rail that keeps your towel warm enough to use after cold showers. You can check the entire towel rail collection here.

Final Thoughts

If you want each corner of your bathroom to be laced in luxury and comfort, you must make smart choices with only the best bathroom accessories. Budget Plumbing Centre takes immense pride in its vast collection from 30+ premium bathroom accessory brands. Your ultimate bathroom makeover is just a click away.

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