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Best Brands for Bathroom Mirrors in Australia

A bathroom update or renovation is booming here in Perth right now.  With any bathroom update we believe you have to get right the vanity and mirror.   

Bathroom accessories are also important, but the bathroom mirror is normally the most used mirror in your home! Our bathroom mirrors also work the hardest, the constant exposure to water and moisture can take a huge toll on the material. That’s why choosing the right brands that specialise in making bathroom accessories is important. To help you our staff have put together the top 3 best bathroom mirror Perth brands with products designed for the long run.  (Because let’s face it once you done and renno or a facelift you never want to do it again)! 

Whether it’s bathroom mirrors, cabinets or vanity units, whatever bathroom accessory you are looking for is here at Budget Plumbing Centre — the finest Bathroom warehouse in Perth. We only list the finest grade products that we back from brands serving Australian homes for decades. Quit looking for a “bathroom accessories shop near me” and visit our shop today!  Also have you seen our new plumbing supply website? Shop from home and checkout all our bathroom products here

Top 3 Brands for Bathroom Mirrors in Australia  

Budget Plumbing Centre will fit your bathroom and your budget right from our warehouse Perth.  

Top 3 brands for the best bathroom mirrors Perth. 

1. Kingsley 

Let’s start with one of Australia’s most popular brands: Kingsley.  

Best known for its timeless designs and superior customer service, Kingsley offers a decent range of simple, budget friendly bathroom mirrors. You can get started with their bevelled edge mirror that includes a 12-month warranty. 

Kingsley always stands out with its exceptional product quality, whether a bathroom mirror or any other bathroom fitting.  Come have a look at the total Kingsley range

2. Thermogroup 

While Kinsley is best known for its value range mirrors, Thermogroup, on the other hand, is best known for its design diversity and style mirrors. Our favourite Thermogroup product is this chic backlit mirror to jazz up your bathroom and flawlessly. Do your skincare or makeup with 42 watt backlight and demister.  No issues with visibility here. Not to mention a backlit mirror can also make all your mirror selfies shine (of course we have never tried this …). 

Another great product by Thermogroup is this beautiful float mirror with a bevelled edge and a clear glass border. Made in Australia, this mirror has a 1-year warranty with a dimension of 900 x 900mm but can be custom sized. 

But don’t worry, even if you are looking for something simple, Thermogroup covers you. Check out this super affordable oval mirror made from imported glass with a vinyl backing. Available in 4 different sizes, it’s just the perfect mirror to finish your bathroom decor.  

3. Con-Serv 

Sometimes regular wall mirrors aren’t all that you need. Ladies (and Gents) know you also need a makeup or close up mirror, a dual-sided mirror is just the right choice. Here is a brilliant piece by Con-Serv. The mirror has a crystal-clear chrome plated finish with a strong brass core to stand the test of time. In addition, stainless steel fixings ensure that constant exposure to moisture does not corrode the mirror’s surface. 

Available with both normal glass and a 3x magnifier glass, this multi-purpose mirror is a great investment. 

How to Pick the Right Brand for Bathroom Mirrors 

Not sure what to check when looking for a reliable bathroom mirror brand? Here is a quick checklist for you: 

1. Look For Variety 

Bathrooms these days no longer follow a standard format. Every home is different, and every homeowner has a different taste, leading to diverse bathroom themes. So if your bathroom doesn’t follow a standard design, why should you choose a default bathroom mirror?  

In summary when you head out to shop for a quality bathroom mirror, ensure the brand offers enough options. Don’t just settle for a regular framed mirror. Try frameless, backlit, bevelled edges or whatever your heart desires. 

2. Warranty/Guarantee 

At Budget Plumbing mirrors aren’t too costly, and you can manage to buy one without a warranty, but why would you? After all, if you are paying for the perfect bathroom there is no harm in ensuring you get your money’s worth. Please note that since bathroom accessories are subjected to a harsh environment, a warranty is essential to ensure you have a backup in case anything does not last the distance.  

For your purchases get a minimum warranty of at least six months and see what benefits they include. Certain reputed brands like Kingsley also offer a 12-month warranty to enjoy your bathroom stress-free. 

3. Refund or Return Assistance  

It might happen that what looked fabulous on the website might not look as good in your bathroom under different lighting and settings, and that’s perfectly normal. A normal return process applies but shopping for bathroom accessories shouldn’t be so restrictive. Make sure that while looking up “plumbing shop near me” you select Budget Plumbing Centre with a flexible return and refund policy. For any queries regarding returns, get in touch with our team

Bottom Line 

Bathroom mirrors are not just necessary but also an opportunity to go funky and jazz up your bathroom with your unique style. No more looking for “bathroom accessories shop near me” or “plumber shop near me”. All you need to accomplish that is a bathroom accessory expert like Budget Plumbing Centre that keeps up with the latest fashion and trends and who has just the right products for your taste in stock. 

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