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Three Things You Need To Complete Your Bathroom

Bathroom Showers and Bathtub Recommendations

Renovating your bathroom all at once can take forever. Most owners want to start with a basic bathroom to get started with and slowly upgrade to their dream bathroom. If you are wondering what are the basic features you need in your bathroom we got you covered. Today we will share the top three fixtures that are necessary to complete a bathroom.

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Top 3 Fixtures Every Bathroom Needs

Here is the list of the top 3 bathroom fixtures every bathroom needs to be complete:

1. Sink

After you wake up, the first thing you need is a sink to wash your face, brush your teeth, and check yourself. That’s why every bathroom, regardless of the size and budget, needs a bathroom basin and tapware

Get a sink with leak proof faucets and a decent bowl size that can be used without splashing water all over the floor.

Top 3 Bathroom Sink Recommendations

Here are our favourite bathroom sinks for modern homes:

1. Basic White Basin: If you want something super simple and cheap, try this basic white basin by Kingsley. It comes with a 420x420x150mm dazzling white ceramic bowl and metal faucet. However, you will have to buy the Waste Sold separately.

2. Bamboo Counter Basin: Try a bamboo basin if you want to spice up your bathroom decor with something unique and chic. Measuring 400x138mm, this bowl is designed only for the above mount.

3. Bahama Solid Surface Black Basin: Bored of regular white bathroom basins? Switch it up a little with this solid black sink from Fienza. Made of cast stone solid surface basin, this sink is designed to be durable despite regular use. You don’t require any additional overflow with it, but you must drill in holes for the faucets separately.

2. Toilet

The next most important item on the list is a toilet. Needless to say, no home is ever complete without a functional toilet. The toilet dimensions should be compatible with every member of your family. It should also have an excellent flushing system that doesn’t clog every now and then.

Top 3 Bathroom Toilet Recommendations

Here are our favourite bathroom toilets for modern homes:

1. Wall Faced Toilet Suite: Make the best of the limited space available in your bathroom with this stunning toilet suite by Caroma. It comes with a comfortable seat, glazed box rim and trap and a unique patented Uni-Orbital® connector that extends to a radius of up to 50mm.

2. Colonial Close Coupled Toilet Suite: If you are not a fan of the boring contemporary toilet designs, maybe this exquisite design inspired by the colonial era will be your best choice. It comes with an LH/RH water inlet, an optional wooden seat and a dual flush system for maximum hygiene and cleaning efficiency.

3. Cube Wall Faced Invisi Toilet Suite: This is the latest model from Caroma’s much-appreciated Invisi series. It comes with a soft cube-shaped seat for comfortable seating and a simple, streamlined design that makes it visually pleasing yet 100% functional.

3. Shower/ Bathtub

Bathing is a basic human need and unless you are living in a trailer home, you definitely need to have your own bathtub or shower at home. Nothing fancy, just consistent water supply, proper drainage, and a little privacy to soak in will be enough.

Top 4 Bathroom Showers and Bathtub Recommendations

Bathroom Sink Recommendations

Here are our favourite bathroom showers and bathtub for modern homes:

1. Frameless Sliding Screen: Showers, especially the ones that are placed amidst other bathroom fixtures, need a frame to add to your privacy. This sliding shower frame by Decina is made of toughened glass and an aluminium frame with smart rollers to offer a clean, minimalist look.

2.  Curved Shower Unit: If you want to make the best use of the corners and curves of your bathroom, try this curved shower unit by Johnson Suisse. It is made of fully enclosed rollers with runners and a superior magnetic door seal technology for ultimate privacy.

3. Free Standing Bath: Want the extra luxury of baths without spending all your bathroom budget? Try this simple freestanding bath by Decina. Its tilted beading allows it to be steadily fixed into tiled walls with cement-like bonds.

4. Grey Stone Free Standing Bath: Don’t go for another boring white bath. Try this unique solid grey bath made of cast stone and topped off with a matte grey finish. It’s easy to clean and comes in the optional colours of black and white as well.

Bottom Line

Creating the perfect bathroom doesn’t have to be too difficult. All that you need is a clear cut plan and buy bathroom accessories sets from Budget Plumbing Centre to give your favourite place the charm it deserves. Just get in touch with us to get a quote today.

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