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Sadly, Perth summer has come to an end, and we are officially in Autumn. As we look towards the cold winter, now is the perfect time in our industry to find a bargain on an electric or gas hot water heater.  

Shopping for an electric or gas hot water system Perth does not need to be complicated. If you know your hot water system is tired and old, don’t tempt it this winter by showing up in chilly water for days when it finally dies. Come visit our showroom to see the amazing deals on hot water systems. 

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Being recognised as one of the best Bathroom suppliers Perth, Budget Plumbing have created a checklist of all the factors you should to consider when shopping for a hot water system whether it be electric, gas or heat pump, all our products are quality and at unbeatable pricing.  

5 Things to Check When Shopping for a Hot Water System Perth

Here are five factors that every quality water heater should have: 

1. Adequate Storage Capacity

If you are choosing a storage hot water system this water heater will do you no good if you do not have adequate storage to hold the hot water. When looking for a water heater for your home, make sure you pick a storage capacity that works best for your entire family. Budget Plumbing can suggest a perfect water heater model that has sufficient internal storage capacity with a compact design.

For instance, this Hot Flo water heater comes with adequate storage, vitreous enamel lined steel tank for added durability, perfect for contemporary households. 

When renovating why not pair it with amazing tapware Perth from our collection to get a seamless bathing experience. 

2. Water Flow Rate

A quality gas water heater should have a decent water flow rate so that you can take quick or if you’re like me long showers without any issues. You do not want to end up with a gas or electric water system that has a trickling flow of hot water, at Budget Plumbing we’ve got you covered. 

If you are looking for a decent water flow, try this Bosch water heater. It offers a water flow of 10 litres per hour which means it will only take 6 minutes to fill up a bucket or bathtub with a capacity of 1 litre. 

If you have a big family and need a more powerful and faster water heater, this Rinnai electric heater is just perfect. With an unbelievable speed of 26 litres per hour, it also comes with a highly energy efficient compact design and a 10-year warranty. 

3. Temperature

Some of us like our showers scolding. Since the ultimate purpose of having an electric water heater is to quickly increase the temperature of the water, you need a water heater with a high temperature capability. 

For example, let’s assume that the temperature of the incoming water is 10 degrees Celsius, and you want to heat it to 30 degrees Celsius. In that case, your water heater should be easily capable of increasing the temperature to over 20 degrees Celsius. 

If high temperature is your top priority, try this hot water system by Stiebel Eltron. It gives you an instant temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, enough to heat up even ice-cold water in freezing winters. 

Remember to pair it up with resilient tapware Perth that can endure these high temperatures and frequent fluctuations. 

Take a look at our entire water heater collection here.  

4. Additional Features

Once the basic features of storage capacity, high temperature capability and water flow rate are covered, compare the shortlisted water heaters on the additional features they offer. 

For example, this Bosch compress heat pump is the latest in hot water technology.  A heat pump is highly efficient and compatible with solar electric systems – you may even qualify for government rebates. Did you know a heat pump can help you save up to 65% of a standard hot water system energy consumption!  

Similarly, this Stiebel Eltron water heater has a dual set of heating wires, making it compatible with both hard water and soft water. It also comes with an inbuilt electronic safety device with automated air detection for added safety. 

5. Warranty

Most electronic appliances are designed for the long run. The same goes for our water heating systems that can run for at least 10+ years, just make sure you maintain them!  

For instance, the Stiebel Eltron water heater comes with a 5-year warranty. You can also opt for our Rinnai water heater with a 10-year warranty if you want additional safety. 

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Final Thought

A quality hot water system can last over 10+ years if maintained well. Since you are making an investment that will keep adding happiness in the form of warm showers to your life you need to be extra careful when making a choice. 

That’s why at Budget Plumbing Centre, we only pick quality-checked and evaluated hot water systems. Being a renowned bathroom supplier Perth, we ensure quality at a budget friendly price.  

Are you ready to get your dream hot water system? Visit our shop today or drop us a line to chat about Hot Water Systems!