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It’s interesting to know that Hot Water Systems are actually one of the most commonly used Plumbing appliances in Australia.  Just like any other regularly used appliance, your hot water heater requires regular maintenance. This including inspections and sufficient care to prolong the life of the unit.

At Budget Plumbing we sell Perth’s best hot water systems and as a family business we stand by everything we sell.  This article aims to shed light and give you our experience on the top four water heater hacks used to assist with higher durability and better performance. Whether you are looking for quality bathroom accessories or high-end appliances, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range of products at unbelievable prices has made us one of the most sought-after bathroom suppliers in Perth.

4 Hot Water System Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Hot Water Systems are a common household appliance, although not everyone uses them the right way. Here are four water heater hacks that will extend its durability and help save on electricity or gas bills.

1. Get Rid Of Sediments Using the Valves

Natural water always has a substantial degree of minerals present in its composition (unless you have a central home water filter). In the case of hard water, the percentage of minerals is even higher and leads to frequent sediment accumulation in your water heater’s pipes. Sediment build-up can negatively affect the process of heat transference and reduce the efficiency of your water heater.

To avoid this, all that you need to do is periodically clean your water heater and drain out the sediments via the valve’s.

Come in a see us at Budget Plumbing we can help you to choose high-quality and durable Hot Water Systems that will last you and your home.

2. Fix the Leaky Tapware

Leaking taps are one of the most common problems found in low-quality tapware. Although the dripping water might not be loud enough to disrupt your sleep at night, it will slowly add to your water bills. It will also put extra stress on your water heater and burn your hard-earned money.

Shop online or come in-store to Budget Plumbing and see our large range of quality tapware and water heaters from quality brands.  Budget Plumbing provide the highest quality service for your home.

3. Replace the Sacrificial Anode

Sacrificial Anodes are mostly a magnesium rod installed inside your hot water tank (storage units only). Its purpose is to protect your tank’s cylinder from severe corrosion which can result in premature tank failure. Sacrificial Anodes are designed to sacrifice themselves to corrosion prior to the tank corroding, therefore prolonging the life of the hot water system.

Are you replacing the Anode Rod more often than you should (once every 3-4 years)? If you find you need to replace your anode rod more often than recommended, it’s most likely you need to replace your hot water system.  Like me if you don’t want to deal with replacing the Anode you should consider installing an instant / continuous flow hot water system.  Budget Plumbing can supply Instant gas hot water systems and instant electrical how water systems that come with several advantages including: continuous hot water supply, compact units which save space in your home, no leaks, and temperature control.

4. Maintain and Replace Wisely

Periodic maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your water heater running efficiently.Even minor problems have the potential to cause a complete breakdown if left unattended. Periodic inspections will assist in identifying and fixing these problems sooner which in turn, is significantly more cost-effective.  It’s important to note that no amount of servicing and maintenance can make an old hot water system work with 100% efficiency. The average life of a storage hot water system is around 10 to 15 years depending on how well you maintain it. Once the water heater is ready to be replaced, you can find an extensive range of Hot Water Systems in our store. With best brands and countless options Budget Plumbing will provide you with the right product to suit your needs.

Why Is It Important to Buy Quality Hot Water Systems?

At Budget Plumbing we’ve been around a long time.  We choose and support brands that last the distancer, we look for quality of service, durability, and even energy efficiency. Not every brand that is sold in Perth can back it up with service and support when things go wrong.

Final Thoughts

Hot Water Systems are often forgotten.   Not everyone understands or can dedicate several hours to maintaining their heater. That’s why our wide range of instant gas hot water systems is designed to be more efficient without requiring as much from your side.

If you want to chat about more about our Hot Water Systems Perth, please reach out to us or shop on our website!