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Bathroom Warehouse Perth – 3 Secrets to Keep Your Bathroom Spotless

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A dirty bathroom is not just unpleasing to your eyes but also unhygienic. With frequent use and constant exposure to moisture, bathroom accessories are normally the first item to discolor. Here are Budget Plumbing’s top 3 bathrooms cleaning tips to keep your bathroom spotless this Perth Summer.

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3 Top Tips to Having a Spotless Bathroom

Here are 3 DIY hacks you will need to get a spotless bathroom – we will give you a chemical and non-chemical option!

1. Bathroom Basins and Tapware

Bathroom tapware often lose their original colour over time, especially if they are used often. Whether it’s laundry sinks or regular washbasins, no one likes to touch a dirty tap. Cleaning the taps every week and disinfecting them every day is the key to maintaining a spotless and germ-free tap.


Here are a few factors that turn your bathroom basins and tapware dirty:

  • Out of all the bathroom accessories, taps are most frequently touched and used. Interacting with dirty hands multiple times a day slowly builds up a layer of dirt on the tap knob.
  • Excess mineral deposit from hard water can also leave a brownish stain on the tap.
  • Moisture and dirt mixes to form a layer of grime in between hard-to-reach joints.

How to Clean Your Taps

In these covid times a lot of dirty hands pass by our tap’severy day. It’s important that we disinfect them, simply spray a commercial disinfectant or mix of water and white vinegar in the ratio of 6:1 along with a few drops of lavender oil for fragrance.

For the mineral deposit, you can spray the same water-vinegar solution or rub a freshly cut lemon on the concerned area. Once the stains are absorbed, you can wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

For the grime, take a mix of mild soap and water and a thin brush. Dip the brush in the soap water and rub it in between the tap joints until the last speck of dirt is gone.

When Should You Replace the Tap?

A tap usually lasts for about 7-10 years, but sometimes the material is permanently discoloured over years of use. In these cases you may want to look at a new tap. At Budget Plumbing Centre, you will find a variety of tapware both for your laundry sinks and showers at a perfectly reasonable price.  Our recommendations are new age metal finishes that hide prints andlast longer.

2. Shower & Bath Screens

If moisture can discolour your taps, you can only imagine what frequent showers do to your bath screen and showerheads.


The causes for discolouration and dirt accumulation in your shower are almost similar to tapware:

  • The number one cause of discoloured showerheads and screens is excess mineral deposit from hard water. Layers of limescale will be visible as a chalky, white coating.
  • Your shower also must tolerate the harsh chemicals of all the hair and bath products that you use. Depending on the product’s composition, they can even erode your bathroom accessories.

How to Clean Your Shower & Shower Screen

You cannot do anything to stop the discolouration and corrosion from your water, cleaning and beauty products unless you are ready to switch to a mild alternative.

For the mineral deposit, you use a citric acid cleaner like CLR or the water-vinegar DIY solution once every week.

If you feel that your shower accessories are starting to degrade and the shower head sprays water everywhere, a new showerheadmay be in order.   You can also look at a new shower screens right here online or in our bathroom warehouse Perth.

3. Bathroom Cabinets & Mirrors

Have you ever walked into your bathroom and noticed a foggy mirror or a slimy counter? Does a foggy bathroom mirror defeat the whole purpose of having a mirror in the first place? Additionally a slippery countertop is not just dreadful to touch but is also super unhygienic.


The moisture-laden air in your bathroom leaves permanent white spots on the mirrors while constant exposure to water and dirt combines and turns your bathroom cabinets and countertops slimy.

How to Clean Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets

A commercial glass cleaner like Windex is the easiest way to clean a foggy bathroom mirror. However if you want a long term DIY solution, you can also try rubbing alcohol-dipped cotton balls on the mirror.

For vanity cabinets and countertopsthe simple spray and wipe is good or for a non-chemical solution try a mix of water, toothpaste and baking soda in a 1:1:2 ratio. Rub the mixture gently on the affected area and then wipe/rinse off with water.

Before using a DIY solution or a commercial cleanser, do a quick spot test to ensure the cleansing solution is safe on the counter material.

If your bathroom cabinets and mirrors are too far gone or dated, come down to our bathroom warehouse Perth and have a coffee and chat.  We will take you through all the options and come up with a solution to fit your space and budget.

Final Thoughts

Stained and discoloured bathroom accessories bring down the charm and opulence of your bathroom. If you want to keep each corner spotless and shiny, a cleaning regime and consider replacement of bathroom accessories that are too far gone – it’s cheaper than you think.

If you are looking for reliable bathroom suppliers Perth for durable and affordable bathroom accessories Perth, visit our bathroom warehouse Perth store today!

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