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The Different Types of Shower Screens You Should Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation

Whether you are undertaking a full bathroom renovation or simply renewing fixtures and fittings to refresh the space, a shower screen is an essential item that can transform the look of your whole bathroom. Budget Plumbing is Perth’s trusted choice for affordable plumbing supplies, and we stock a large range of high quality shower screens suitable for any size and style of bathroom. There are many different types of shower screen available, let’s explore the most popular options so you can make the best decision for your bathroom makeover.

Framed Shower Screens

Featuring a full aluminium full frame, these screens are affordable, robust and durable, perfect for high-traffic, family bathrooms. Available in both pivot and sliding door designs, fully framed shower screens are available in a variety of configurations to fit perfectly in almost any bathroom. You can also choose to have a powder coated frame and select from textured glass, tinted glass or standard clear glass to suit the style of your space.

Semi-Framed Screens

Offering the strength and durability of a fully framed screen, however this style of frame is sleek, subtle and more sophisticated in design. Removing the bulkiness of an entire aluminium frame, the semi frameless option has only the outer edge on show. This creates a more minimalist look, and is great for making smaller spaces appear bigger than they are. Choose from a sliding or pivot door, depending on the layout of your bathroom and the look you want.

Frameless Shower Screens

As the name suggests, this design has no aluminium framing, which delivers a bright, open and sophisticated bathroom. Perfect for bathrooms of all sizes, but especially for smaller spaces where fames can create unwanted bulk, this minimalistic screen option is sleek and easy to clean and complements any style of bathroom décor from modern to traditional.

Fixed Glass Panel

For a simple and elegant look, a fixed glass panel can be the perfect choice, especially if you have a large shower area or if you are wanting to create a ‘wet room’ space. The single glass panel is fixed along one side of the shower and with the entrance left open, without the need for a door. With no frame, hinges or seals to clean, this style of shower screen is easy for a low-maintenance space but would be best suited to ensuites and bathrooms that young children don’t frequently use.

With so many options available, there is something to complement bathrooms of every size, style and design. Shower screens need to be functional and durable, yet also aesthetically pleasing – Budget Plumbing has a high quality range of shower screens at Perth’s best prices. For more information on your shower screen options, visit one of our showrooms today or purchase your frameless shower screen via our website now.

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