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Bathroom Accessories and Tapware: How to Pick The Best One?

Buying Tapware Online in Perth

You don’t need to watch The Block to know your dream bathroom is incomplete without the right set of accessories and fixtures. Sometimes new homeowners find the process of choosing bathroom tapware and accessories overwhelming. However all you need is some planning and a little help to understand what you should consider before buying your bathroom accessories.

Budget Plumbing Centre has been offering superior quality products and 5 Star services to families and their homes across all of Perth since 2001. We are a customer first family business and only sell bathroom brands that we stand by.  This ethos has made us Perth’s go-to plumbing solution provider whether it be that you are renovating or building.

Top 5 Tips to Buying Tapware Online

At Budget Plumbing Centre we believe choosing the right bathroom accessories should not be a difficult task. However pay close attention to a few items before purchasing any tapware or bathroom accessories. Bathroom updates don’t come around too often so getting it done right the first time is essential. Here are our staff’s top 5tips that will aid you in choosing the right bathroom accessory.

1. Quality Over Everything Else

One of the most important things to consider while selecting the perfect bathroom accessories is quality and durability. Quality in plumbing products and accessories doesn’t mean expensive, although you certainly don’t want to be replacing them every few months.

Have a look at Budget Plumbing’s quality accessories and bathroom tapware. All our products come with warranty, and we will guarantee longer service and minimal need for repairs.  Budget Plumbing particularly like products with higher water efficiency and love long lasting stainless steel accessories.

It’s usually true, the best way to get your hands on a quality product is by opting for a quality brand. Our extensive product range consists of bathroom accessories and fittings from countless reputed brands, including Caroma, Fienza and Phoenix tapware. Our products meet and exceed the quality Australian standards ensuring that our customers have a smooth and seamless experience throughout.

2. Consider the Overall Theme You Want For Your Bathroom

Ensuring that all the bathroom tapware and accessories match your overall bathroom theme is essential. Every homeowner has a particular colour scheme and aesthetics planned out for each part of their home. When you go shopping for your bathroom fittings, be it a simple basin, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry tapware, keep the theme of your bathroom on top of your priority list to sift through the options.

At Budget Plumbing, you are more than welcome to send us your plans or come into our showroom.

3. Keep It Simple: Shower Tapware and Basin Taps

When you are choosing bathroom accessories, keep it simple decide on the basics first. This includes the usual bathroom items like taps, shower heads, and basins. Getting the basics chosen first will help you get an idea of how your budget is going for the additional accessories.

If you are a visual person, at Budget Plumbing Centre, our friendly staff can take the pressure off you and assist choosing a perfect bathroom selection from our showroom floor.   Come on in and have a chat with our friendly staff.

4. Plan According to the Space Available

Modern bathrooms are shrinking and these days have a limited floor area. Homeowners must be smarter and plan carefully to fit all their required bathroom accessories in without overcrowding the space.

For example if you wanted to fit in a bathtub with a limited floor area, use a bathroom shower screen as an elegant method to section off the bath tub. This will give you the much-needed privacy and make your bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing.

Similarly if you want to keep it simple and neat, opt for a larger shower area and omit the bathtub. Note in Western Australia bathtubs in family areas sell homes as most people need them for little ones, although if you are running on a tight budget, showers being more affordable are a better option for you (and the wallet).

5. Functionality

In today’s budget driven era functionality is key to consider before buying bathroom accessories. Budget doesn’t mean cheap at Budget Plumbing! The type of functionality you choose for your bathroom accessories will also have a huge impact for your return on investment.   Bring your plans in to us (or email them) and we can work with you to choose the best products for your bathroom and budget!  Alternatively if you struggle with the latest trends, leave all the hard work to us. Again Budget Plumbing can go through your plans and choose for you what we would choose for our own homes.  

Final Thoughts

Designing your dream home (and bathroom) can be a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us. At Budget Plumbing we understand that choosing the right bathroom accessories can sometimes be a little daunting. Therefore we have handpicked the best-in-class bathroom accessories for you. 

If you are online savvy, make a list of everything that you will need and start browsing our online shop!

As a family owned and operated business Budget Plumbing is here to look after you. We love a chat about all things plumbing, feel free to reach out to us and pick our brains at no obligation.

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