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5 Types of Bathtubs You Need to Know About 

When renovating your bathroom, the first question should be what type of bathtub fits your bathroom? The type of bathtub you select affects your bathroom’s visual aesthetic, comfort, cleaning, investment and overall durability. Here are Budget Plumbing’s 5 different types of bathtubs so you can find the perfect match for you and your bathroom.

Once you have finalised your bathtub style, visit Budget Plumbing Centre’s website – the Number 1 bath shop in Perth. Quit wasting time looking online for “cheap bathtubs” or “bathtubs near me for sale”. Whichever bathtub you need, it is available at our store from the best Australian brands with incredible deals. 

5 Types of bathtubs you need to take a look at. 

Here are the top 5 bathtubs you’ll find in Perth homes:

1. Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are the most common option in the market. These bathtubs sit directly on the floor with all their sides exposed and can quickly move anywhere in the bathroom. In addition due to the simplicity of its design, it’s comparatively cheaper.

Freestanding baths for modern bathrooms are a great pick considering the elegant yet minimalist style that it adds to you bathroom. The casual design blends perfectly in the background ensuring it isn’t too imposing over the rest of your bathroom accessories. 

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If you are looking for quality freestanding baths for modern homes, check out our collection. Whether you are looking for a small oval bathtub or an extensive rectangular set for you and your family, Budget Plumbing has it all. Freestanding bathtub prices are reasonable and available in quintessential white, a unique grey or black with a glossy or matte finish.

2. Corner Bathtub

Corner bathtubs are perfect for small homes with small bathroom spaces. If you want to avoid your bathtub taking up all the floor area and avoid just sticking to a shower, corner bathtubs are perfect for you. 

In addition since these baths are installed close to the wall in one corner, it enables you to move freely through the rest of the bathroom. Finally since they are made for smaller homes and families they are affordable, just like freestanding bathtub prices.

3. Claw-footed Bathtub

Claw-footed bathtubs are ideal for those looking for a vintage feel in their bathrooms. These bathtubs look luxurious, with the metal stands underneath that add a certain rustic charm to your bathroom. The best part is claw-footed bathtubs are much easier to install. Unlike an Inset bathtub that requires a small construction crew to create the surround and install the bathtub within. Claw-footed bathtubs can be assembled without an expert.

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Additionally since the bathtub is lifted, the floor underneath gets to breathe and thrive (you can even mop it). Unlike regular freestanding bathtubs that might damage or discolour your floor over the year the floor remains unchanged with a claw-footed bathtub. 

4. Inset Bathtub

If you want a cleaner look more space and better storage options with your bath, an Inset bathtub is a definite option. Most of these tubs come with a surround and  an additional layer of concrete or brick between the tub and the walls. While it was initially designed to protect your walls from moisture, it can also double up as a storage area for your shampoo bottles, soap, conditioner and other toiletries. As a result you can save more space without paying for an extra cabinet.

Inset bathtubs are much easier to clean, considering its exterior are already covered in the concrete encasing. All the plumbing lines are embedded within the concrete/brick surround, giving your bathroom a mess-free look.

5. Alcove Bathtubs 

Alcove baths are unique – they are a blend of both inset and corner baths. They are similar to inset baths because they are enclosed within the bathroom walls surrounded on three sides. Additionally they are similar to corner bathtubs because the primary purpose of an alcove bathtub is to save space. However some homeowners like to go a step further and add a shower on one end of the bathtub so that they get the benefit of two in one space.

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Alcove bathtubs usually require a square or rectangular bathtub so they fit snug against the wall. If you are investing in an additional surround, feel free to experiment with an oval bathtub.

Bottom Line

Your bath time should be calming and soothing to help you unwind after a long and tiring day. Make sure you pick the right bathtub to pamper yourself in the best way possible. Rest assured with Budget Plumbing Centre, you can find the best and cheapest bathtubs from the best bath shop in Perth and from the comfort of your own home – it doesn’t get any better.

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