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Top 5 Bathtub Brands To Check Out in 2022

Top 5 Bathtub Brands To Check Out in 2022

Quality bathroom accessories like tapware Perth, Bathroom mirrors Perth, and bathtubs can last anywhere between 10 to 25 years when maintained well. Since quality baths require quite a significant upfront investment, you may want a bathtub that is quite durable in an unbeatable brand name.  

Wondering what bathtub brands are best for shopping online? That’s what we will discuss in our blog this month. Let’s check out the 5 best bathtub brands from Australia’s finest bathroom supplier- Budget Plumbing Centre. Not only can you choose the best bathtubs but also the best bathroom accessories Perth. We guarantee excellent service, impeccable quality and a bath to remember forever.

Top 5 Bathtub Brands to Check Out in 2022 

Here are the top 5 brands that will jazz up your bathroom and bathroom renovations: 


Caroma specialises in creating bathroom accessories Perth. Their bathtubs can be described as clean with a minimalist design. What makes their tubs durable and exceptionally impressive is their stringent quality and construction standards. Even under their simple designs lies delicate engineering to give you the best of both comfort and elegance.  

For instance, this elegant free-standing bathtub is a classic piece by Caroma. Minimalist design with an in-built offset waste makes your bathing experience pleasurable.  

If you want to explore with colours without leaving the quintessential elegance of Caroma, try this free-standing black bathtub. The same goodness of Caroma with footlocker fittings and a capacity of 255 litres makes its bathtubs Perth perfect for families.


If you are looking for one the best bathtub Perth brands, Decina is definitely in this category. Nominated as the best bathtub brand by Australian Bathware Retailers, it has been consistent with its quality of product and service since 1989.  

This 100% Australian brand understands the unique needs of Australians and curates designer baths that meet international quality standards.  

One of the best tubs by this brand is this Modena Rectangle Inset Bath. Wider and deeper than most traditional baths, it offers adequate space for you to enjoy a good soak.  

If you want to experiment with shapes, you can also try their round Orion free-standing bath. Its galvanised steel frame adds to its durability, whereas the wide interior makes it perfect for child (or couples) bathing. It also has a scope to add jets to help you create a spa-like experience every day at home.


Alpine is a popular brand in Australia. It is widely loved for its simple designs and affordable range of bathtubs.  

One of the best things about Alpine bathtubs is their comprehensive 5-year warranty plans covering product and labour costs.  

Made of quality materials like stainless steel, acrylic and fibreglass, Alpine products are synonymous with long, frictionless service.  

One of our favourite Alpine baths is its square freestanding bath. The base construction is solid yet lightweight, which makes installation a breeze. Also, being a one-piece construction makes it much stronger than its alternatives.  

If you don’t want to settle for a regular white tub, you can check out black and white freestanding beauty by Alpine. With an integrated overflow and pop-up waste included, its modern design and sanitary grade material give you the best bathing experience.  


Sometimes, quality alone isn’t everything. Contemporary households require modern bathtubs that can match their level of elegance. If you are tired of the same old white tubs, try a Kingsley tub. 

Every design by Kingsley is brimming with artistic and engineering brilliance. For example, check out their Double High Back Claw Foot Bath. A fresh breath of air amongst the usual rectangular designs, this tub creates a timeless beauty with its black and white contrast and superior design.  

If you don’t want the same colours, every other household has, go quirky with this claw feet bath in dazzling ivory and red.  


Fienza offers the ultimate epitome of style and quality. Made of premium grade materials like cast stone and topped with a marvellously matte finish, these baths offer a consistently pleasurable bathing experience throughout the years.  

One of its best creations is this jet black freestanding bath – wow. A style that’s second to none, your bathroom will undoubtedly dazzle in its glory. 

Top Bathtub Brands To Check Out in 2022

Fienza tubs are premium so expect a higher price, but their unbeatable style and quality makes every penny worthwhile. Experiment with designs or stick to the regulars– Fienza has everything to make your baths special. 

Bottom Line

The right brand can completely transform your bathing experience and your bathroom. Since bathing in your renovated bathroom should be simple and relaxing, we decided to simplify the search for the right tub as well.  

With utmost research and testing, we have only picked the best brands that have been consistently meeting customer expectations all around Perth. Whether it’s bathroom mirrors Perth, tapware Perth, or even baths – you deserve the best of everything. 

Come into our showroom and see for yourself a world or wonderful baths. Alternatively get an idea by shopping in our online store! As always if you have any questions or you just wan to chat bathtubs and bathrooms drop us a line or give a call on 94345222 

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