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Make your kitchen sink sparkle with these top tips

Knowing what has been the cause of drains in your home to become blocked and also knowing how to keep them clear can save you the time, energy and money. And if you maintain the free flowing drains it will be easier for you to keep the sinks and bathtub clean. Sinks are the workhorses in your kitchen or bathroom because they see a lot of action and that is why they need to be kept clean at all times. Below are some easy and quick ways to make your sink sparkle:
Scrub it

You may think that because sinks see all the soap and water flowing through them that they will be perpetually clean. This is not so; food stains, soap deposits, water and rust spots will all build up if you do not stay on top of them. If your kitchen sink is always busy, then it is prudent to scrub it frequently. You can even scrub it after about 20 uses for better results. A great recipe for a clean kitchen sink is a squirt of dishwashing liquid which is added to a bowl of warm water. Just dip your sponge in the mixture and scrub your sink gently. And a more thorough scrub is possible too; an all purpose spray or the nonabrasive cleaner would be your bet.

Make the porcelain sparkle

This is the trick if you are looking to bring back the normal gleam to the white porcelain enamel sink. You are advised to line your sink with paper towels that are soaked with bleach. It is proper to allow them to sit for thirty minutes before discarding them. Rinse the kitchen sink with running water. And you are warned to not use bleach on the coloured porcelain because this may fade the colour. Instead you can use mild liquid detergent, baking soda or vinegar.

Protect your sink from stains and scratches

Replacing a kitchen sink is something that you don’t want to do now especially with these economic constraints. So, there are many simple things you may want to do to keep your kitchen sink like a new one. For instance, perforated plastic mat can be installed in the bottom of your sink to protect the surface from mars and scratches, and will protect your dishes too. Acidic foodstuffs such as fruit, salad dressing, vinegar and so forth should not be allowed to linger on the surface of your sink. Avoid these so as to prevent stains or etching.

De-stain the surfaces with lemon juice  

You can erase those stains with a half cup of powdered borax and lemon juice. The lemon juice should be of a one half lemon. A sponge should be dabbed in the mixture so as to rub the sink’s surface where the spots are and then rinse with running water. This is one trick that works like a charm whether you are acting on a sink made of stainless steel, porcelain or any other material.

At Budget Plumbing Centre, we offer different kinds of kitchen sinks, water filters and taps among other things. You can contact us today for more information on our products as well as advice on how to maintain them.

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