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Shower screens are an indispensable element of your bathroom. After all, no one wants to clean the water from the shower that splashes all around the bathroom floor. Along with that, with the right set of curtains, shower screens can also offer a considerable degree of privacy.

Before you hit the stores to purchase a brand-new shower screen, read this guide till the end to see what exactly what you should check in a shower screen before purchasing it.  Then head over to Budget Plumbing Centreonline store to pick the perfect shower screen for your bathroom from the best shower screen suppliers in Perth. Whether you want an affordable screen for your home, studio apartment or a premium screen for your villa, our collection of glass shower screens and bathroom accessoriesBudget Plumbing has something to offer for everyone.

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

Finding the perfect glass shower screens for your bathroom is easy if you keep these factors in mind.

1. Pick the Right Enclosure Type

Depending on where you want to place your shower screen, you can either choose from a regular rectangular shower screen or a curved corner shower screen.

The only difference is that the curved shower screen required comparatively less space to install than a regular rectangular shower screen. If you are falling short on bathroom space, it’s best to opt for curved units that are tucked away in a corner.

Although the price of the shower screens depends on the brand, curved units can beslightly costlier.

To check out more shower screen options, visit our store.

2. Decide Upon the Door Type

Shower screens typically come with two types of doors- sliding and hinged. The basic functionalities of the two remain the same.

If you want to access the whole doorway of your shower enclosure without having a glass pane blocking half the space, go for a hinged door shower screen.

On the other hand, if your bathroom does not have enough space to let a hinged door swing open, go for a sliding door shower screen.

Regardless of the shower screen suppliers you choose, sliding doors may be more costly. On the other hand, shower screens with hinged doors being more traditional are most likely cheaper.

3. Decide If You Want a Frame or Not

Shower screens come in both framed and frameless models. It’s up to you to decide which one fits better with your needs.

While framed shower screens are entirely sealed and enable sliding door installation, they are also harder to maintain.

Just like most bathroom supplies that come in regular contact with water, the frames might retain the mineral deposits. In addition the metal used in the frames that are being constantly exposed to moisture are more susceptible to corrosion.

On the other hand, frameless shower screens offer a neat and minimalist look that is easy to maintain.  They may be more costly and are also harder to installconsidering there is no frame to support the glass panes.

Whichever model you choose to go withBudget Plumbing Centre, we have a wide variety of shower screens for each type. Visit our store to check out all the options you have.

4. Select the Glass Type

Bathroom supplies should be designed to stand the test of time amidst regular use and exposure to moisture. Howeverunlike other accessories shower screens are usually made of glass and are more susceptible to damage.

For better durability and safety, most of our shower screens are made of toughened glass. These glasses pass through a series of chemical and thermal processing, making them stronger and harder to shatter.

For higher durability and safety make sure you check out our tempered glass shower screen.

5. Style & Theme

For every bathroom accessory that you choose,theme, style, tint and colour are among the most important factors to consider.

If you do not need an entirely closed shower, you can choose a partially enclosedfreestanding shower screen.

Finding the right shower screen that will go with your bathroom theme is a critical decision. So take time and go through all our shower screen options. You will find the one that goes with your aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good shower is your daily respite from a tiring day or a start to an energy-packed morning. That’s why installing a quality shower screen that adds to the overall showering experience is crucial. While different homeowners have different preferences and tastes, what remains constant is our diverse range of shower screens and other bathroom accessories at Budget Plumbing Centre. So, use these tips to see what kind of shower screen will work best for the bathroom, or head over to our factory showroom to buy your perfect match!