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How to Prepare for a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Whether it’s a simple facelift or a full bathroom remodel, bathroom renovations have the potential to become stressful and expensive if you aren’t prepared. Unlike many other rooms of the house, bathrooms and wet areas require more than paint and floor coverings, they must adhere to stringent regulations as the result can be damaging and costly if not completed properly. Budget Plumbing Centre is Perth’s leading supplier of high quality, affordable plumbing supplies and bathroom accessories. The key to a successful bathroom renovation is proper planning and preparation. Read on for our advice on things you can do to ensure a stress-free renovation that won’t blow the budget.

Find Inspiration

Magazines, architectural blogs, home improvement websites and social media platforms such as Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest are a great place to see the latest bathroom trends and innovations and is a great starting point if you are unsure of your style direction. Use Instagram to follow builders, home renovators and bathroom supply stores in your local area, and save any images you like into a Pinterest board. This enables you to share your inspiration with your builder down the track when you are discussing your bathroom renovation ideas with them.

Be Realistic with Your Budget

A budget is an essential part of your renovation planning and management, however it’s vital to be realistic with it. Do your research and get an understanding of what each aspect is going to cost, from trades such as building, plumbing, electrical and tiling to fittings, fixtures and bathroom accessories. Whether you have a little money or a lot to make improvements, understanding estimated costs will allow you to identify where you need to spend and where you can save and allocate your funds accordingly. A detailed budget that is continually monitored allows you to stick to any financial goals you have set for the project. Once you have determined how much you can afford to spend on your renovation, you can engage a building or renovation company to manage the process for you or you can choose to project manage yourself. Whichever way you go, seeking professional advice will help you determine what is and isn’t possible with your budget.

Determine What You Must Have and What You Would Like to Have

Once you have started researching the things you like, write out a list of all of the ‘must have’ items you want in your new bathroom. The list could include such things as a double vanity with extra storage, separate free-standing bathtub, underfloor heating, a tiled shower with frameless shower screen – everything you want in your bathroom renovation should be included. Once you have made your list, you may find that you need to narrow down your ‘must-haves’ to stay within your budget. It is better to do this now, rather than get to the end of the renovation and not be able to afford to finish because you included absolutely everything on your wish list.

Shop Around

Once you have your budget and your wish list prepared, spend the time to shop around to find everything you need at the best prices possible. While large-scale national bathroom supply chains may have a huge range of toilets, taps and bathroom accessories to choose from, they can often be overpriced so look for local suppliers in your town or suburb who may be able to move on price a bit more. When it comes to bathroom fittings, it’s important that you don’t compromise on quality to keep the costs down. Inferior bathroom products can fail or break and lead to costly repairs down the track, so focus on finding quality products that come backed by a warranty that are also at the right price. Planning and preparation are the most important stages of any renovation, but especially in the bathroom. If you want to keep costs down but still have a luxurious bathroom full of high quality fittings, check out the range at Budget Plumbing Centre. Stocking trusted brands at Perth’s best prices, we have everything you need for your bathroom renovation project. Visit us today or shop our range online now.

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