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How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

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It’s no secret that Australians love nothing more than dining and entertaining outside and outdoor kitchens are one of the latest home renovation trends. Not only do they increase the entertaining space of a home and maximise the usability of outdoor areas, they can add significant market value to a property. Whether you love to barbeque, want to utilize your backyard more or simply don’t have a big enough cooking area inside your home, most people would agree that cooking outside is a much more pleasant experience, where you can part of the action and enjoy cooking a meal in the summer sun and fresh air. Budget Plumbing Centre Perth can help with all the plumbing supplies you need to transform your outdoor space into chef’s paradise. If you want to build the perfect alfresco kitchen, here’s a few handy tips to help get you started.

Determine How the Area Will Be Used

Before you begin ordering cabinetry or purchasing sinks, taps and appliances, work out how the space will be used. Is it simply to barbeque outside without continual trips inside for utensils and plates? Do you want to produce gourmet dishes whilst still being able to join in conversation with your guests? Who will you be cooking for – family, small groups or larger parties? These questions will not only help determine the type and size of your fixtures, fittings and appliances such and also help determine the amount of storage, preparation space and seating you will need.

Set A Budget and Shop Around

Kitchens, whether indoor or outdoor, are known to be expensive areas to build or renovate so it’s important to start with a budget figure, that way you will know from the start what kind of kitchen you can afford to create. Once you have allocated funds to each part of the kitchen you can shop around to find the materials and plumbing supplies you need at affordable prices.

Plan to Use the Area All Year Round

If you are investing time and money into the space, then you want to be able to use it no matter the weather conditions. To get the maximum use out of your outdoor kitchen, try to make it useable all year round. Having shelter and protection from wind, sun and rain with screens, overhead canopies, blinds and awnings is key to making the area is usable throughout the whole year. Consider patio heaters or an outdoor fireplace to help extend your use of the space throughout the cooler months and outdoor ceiling fans or wall fans to keep air flowing and the area cooler during the hot summer period.

Choose Durable Materials

Unlike an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements. Even if it is protected, it’s inevitable that water or wind will get in at some point. It’s important to choose fixtures, fittings and materials for your kitchen that can withstand the elements and ensure things such as cabinetry, sinks and mixers are stainless steel or weatherproof to avoid rust or damage. Choosing hard-wearing materials will help to ensure the kitchen will stand the test of time and make for a minimal maintenance workload.

Plan the Layout

Once you’ve figured out the basic structure and size of your alfresco kitchen, you will need to plan the layout to ensure it is functional. You can apply similar principles that you would for indoor kitchens, with the size, position and proximity of cold, hot, wet and dry areas all designed for maximum efficiency. A well-built outdoor kitchen constructed using high quality fixtures and durable materials will provide years of enjoyment for the whole family, so plan it out properly, research exactly what you want and need and shop around for quality products that won’t cost the earth. Budget Plumbing Centre is Perth’s favourite place for affordable plumbing supplies for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Visit one of our showrooms today and get all the fittings you need to create a fabulous outdoor kitchen you can use all year long.

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