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An excellent space-saving solution, European laundries (or hidden laundries) are ideal for smaller homes, apartments and townhouses as they don’t take up an entire room, they simply tuck away inside a cupboard, hidden behind bi-folds or sliding doors that disappear into the wall cavity. Just because European laundries are compact, it doesn’t mean they have to lack style, functionality or efficiency. Budget Plumbing Centre has everything you need to create an attractive and practical space, including laundry troughs, tapware, accessories and more. If you want to conserve space and install a Euro laundry, here’s a few helpful design tips you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your space.

Euro Laundry Essentials

If you are designing or planning a European laundry, there are a few basic things you must include:

  • Space for a washing machine and dryer
  • Laundry trough for soaking
  • Storage for clothes, cleaning products, ironing board and broom
  • Ventilation – a fan, as well as an insert in the joinery that lets moisture escape when the door is closed
  • Power points

Storage Ideas

Storage is a vital part in the efficiency of any laundry, when the space is smaller you might need to be a little more creative and invest in clever laundry storage solutions such as fold away racks and ironing boards, ceiling high cupboards and multi-use hangers and hooks. You should also consider:

  • Built-in washing basket storage
  • Full length cupboards for a vacuum, mop, broom and ironing board
  • Space for soaking buckets
  • Enough bench space or a pull out bench for folding clothes
  • A retractable washing line for drying delicate items

Other Things to Consider

  • Stacking vs side by side appliances – if space is very tight, stacking the dryer above the washer would work best. A side by side washing machine and dryer will allow for more bench space, however you don’t want this to mean you need to sacrifice the size of the laundry trough.
  • Consider how many power points you will need and their location – These will be essential for the washer and dryer, and you may need power points in more convenient locations for ironing or steaming clothes or in a cupboard to charge a handheld vacuum.
  • Think about the noise – Try to select appliances with lower operating noise levels, choose sound proof doors and ensure you opt for acoustic installation in the wall cavities.
  • Front loader vs top loader washing machine – when space is a premium, you can’t beat a front loader. It allows you to stack a dryer above, or be located under a bench or if mounted higher up on the all, you can use the space below for storage.  
  • Choose an appropriate size laundry trough – Laundry troughs are available in a wide range of sizes and come in handy for soaking, for filling a mop bucket, even bathing the kids if you don’t have a bath! Choose one that is big enough to be practical for your specific needs.

When building or renovating, the laundry isn’t always considered an exciting space to design, however, a sleek and well-considered laundry is a necessity in homes of every size and style. If you have just a small space to play with, incorporating some clever storage and design features along with high quality fittings and finishes will ensure your tiny Euro laundry doesn’t lack on style and functionality.

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