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Get the Best Priced Baths from our Plumbing Showroom Perth

decina kolora 1640 freestanding bath

Have a relaxing retreat in one of our bath tubs

Why not get away every weekend with your upgraded bathroom? We stock a large number of retreat like baths so this can be your new reality. All that is needed is your relaxing music, your favourite scent then closes the door and let your mind escape. Our website displays the many designs which are available and all incredibly affordable. We also provide our customers with two showrooms located in the Metro area for you to view our products. Our cheap baths in Perth are not just well priced but are also all high end brands ensuring you’re purchasing the best quality on today’s market.

A glimpse of our plumbing centre

We are a family owned and run business which was first established with our Bibra Lake store in the year 2000. Due to so much success with our first store, we decided to open our second store in Belmont in 2005. Within this time we’ve had many returning clients as they begin their next projects. We not only offer our clients the best price but we also provide the best service. Being in the business for almost 20 years we understand the requirements needed when renovating or building and take great care in ensuring your projects are completed smoothly.

Get a wide selection of baths

Whether it’s the laundry, kitchen or bathroom we stock an extensive range of products available for the perfect renovation, build or commercial project. We provide our customers with the option of viewing our products in one of our large showrooms or viewing our products online. View our wide collection of bathtubs ranging from clawfoot baths, freestanding luxury baths, rectangular baths, spa baths, oval baths, inset baths as well as our range of mixers, vanities, toilets and the list goes on.

Sticking to the budget

So you’ve found what you want online but you’re not sure if the bank balance agrees? We recommend coming into one of our showrooms and speaking to one of our trained staff. We will be able to help your design your bathroom exactly the way you would like whilst still sticking to your budget whilst complimenting your style. We often get distracted by what we’d like and what we need. We will be able to provide you with ideas on how this can be handled and possibly provide cheaper yet still great quality products as an alternative. Get our discount plumbing supplies in Perth to have a long-lasting bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

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