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Get Affordable Bathroom Vanities from our Online Store in Perth

kingsley rena 1500 double bowl vanity unit

Get designer bathroom vanities:

The vanity is one of the most important items in your bathroom. Quite often over time, your vanity can become damp causing warping and mould build-up. Mould cannot only be unsightly and smelly but breathing it in every day is harmful. The smell can spread throughout the whole house and there becomes a point where the unit becomes dangerous. Get cheap bathroom vanities from Perth’s best plumbing stores. Budget Plumbing showcase a huge range of bathroom vanities, basins and pedestals all with different options of storage, ensuring the best fit for your needs and all at a highly competitive price. We have two large showrooms open to the public. If time is a problem then take a look at our online plumbing store where you can browse our catalogue making shopping so simple, all in the comfort of your own home.

Tips to ensure it’s the right bathroom vanity:

  • Keep the size of your bathroom vanity and the space of your bathroom in mind. A large vanity can be useful as it provides extra storage, but you don’t want it overpowering your bathroom.
  • Are you re-tiling? If not, then take note of the height and width. Are you restricted with the length? Can you go bigger or possibly smaller? Do you have any spare tiles in your shed? Can you use a different tile to create a feature around your vanity? Can the vanity door be opened without hitting anything on either side?
  • Does your plumbing go through the floor, straight through the back wall or shoot off to the side? Wall hung vanities look lovely but if your plumbing is through the floor or through the side wall then how can the drain be hidden whilst still having a similar effect.
  • For larger families, a double basin may be worth considering. Does your plumbing allow for this and how much extra would this cost for installation?

Get 100% authentic plumbing supplies:

We vouch for our services and our plumbing products. Our bathroom supplies in Perth can be available to purchase online or by dropping into one of our stores located in Bibra Lake and Belmont. We are well known as Australia’s top leading plumbing store with a reputation for providing great quality plumbing products at low prices. We not only supply low prices but also any help that may be required and some good old-fashioned service.

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