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Choosing the Right Bathroom Basin

Bathroom basins come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and materials which make them one of the most important and exciting pieces you need to choose for your bathroom renovation. Affecting the look, feel and functionality of your space, you need to select the one that suits your needs, décor style and budget – but how do you do that when you are seriously spoiled for choice? At Budget Plumbing Centre, we have a huge range of quality bathroom basins Perth homeowners, builders and renovators trust. From wall mounted, to semi-recessed and freestanding, we have basin to suit every home and lifestyle. Let’s have a look at the different options available to help you make the right choice.


Perfectly suited to an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, top mount, or ‘drop-in sinks’, are one of the most common types of bathroom basins. Designed so that most of the basin sits below the benchtop, with just the rim of the basin sitting on top, top-mount basins are suitable for almost any benchtop material including timber and laminate, as the cut out is completely covered by the basin and therefore doesn’t risk being damaged by water.


An under-mount basin is one that sits underneath the benchtop where the rim of the sink is fixed to the underside of the benchtop, as opposed to sitting on top of it. This option creates a seamless look and really shows off your benchtop as well as maximising your bench space. Easy to clean, simply wipe water and spills directly from the benchtop into the sink without any obstruction. Just remember, under-mounting a basin will usually only be possible under a solid surface benchtop such as stone.


Great for smaller spaces and ensuites, a wall-mounted basin is fixed directly to the wall without the need for it sit in or on a benchtop. A perfect space saving option for powder rooms and bathrooms where storage isn’t essential, they can make a room feel bigger, look more streamlined and give a minimalist feeling to the space. It’s important to note that for a wall mounted basin to work in your space, all the plumbing, including the waste, must be positioned inside the wall in order to have a clean look.


If you are limited for space, but you would still like some vanity cabinets below your basin for storage, a semi-recessed basin is a great option. With the basin overhanging the vanity unit, it allows for much shallower cabinets – maybe even as shallow as 300mm. These basins keep a lot of the bench space free for cosmetics and products and are great for kids or elderly people with limited mobility, as you can get your body closer to the taps, without the obstruction of a benchtop and cabinets.

Vessel Basins

Similar in appearance to a large bowl, a vessel basin is one that generally sits completely on top of the benchtop. A perfect way to create a statement in your bathroom, vessel basins are right on trend and are available in a diverse range of colours, shapes and materials to suit any design style and décor. Due to their height and the way in which they sit above the bench, careful planning is required to ensure that the basin doesn’t end up being too high and uncomfortable for you to use.

All-in-One Vanity

Many off the shelf vanity cabinets from bathroom supplies stores offer an all-in-one benchtop with a basin that sits on top. Perfect for a quick and cost-effective makeover, these can be bought straight off the shelf so there’s no need to wait and are available in a range of sizes to suit most spaces. Easy to clean with no ridges or joins, they are a great choice for busy family bathrooms.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Basin

To help you choose the basin that best suits your needs, ask yourself the below questions:

  • Does it need to be accessible for one or two people only, or for a large family?
  • Is it for a powder room or ensuite, where space is an issue?
  • How much storage will you need?
  • Do you need a basin where the taps are easy to reach, ether for kids or for accessibility for elderly people?

For expert advice to help you select the best bathroom basins for your Perth home, or to view any of our bathroom products, visit the team at Budget Plumbing Centre in Belmont or Bibra Lake today or shop our range online now.

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