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Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Bathroom

Bathroom accessories are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update the style, aesthetic and atmosphere of any bathroom or ensuite. The perfect way to add a unique personal touch to an otherwise plain room, from towel rails to soap dish holders there’s an endless array of options you can choose to add a splash of style and functionality to your space. Whether you want to create a luxurious retreat or a simple space to shower, the right accessories can be the finishing touch that creates a cohesive and consistent look throughout the whole room. Budget Plumbing Centre has a huge range of bathroom accessories at Perth’s best prices. If you are building or renovating, here’s a few things to consider when choosing accessories for your bathroom.

Know Your Budget

Before you start shopping, it’s important to know how much you can afford to spend. There’s no point spending hundreds on a state-of-the-art heated towel rail if it means you cannot finish the room with the other accessories you need to use on a daily basis. Once you have allocated your budget, work out a list of must-haves and make sure you purchase these first. Shop around and find bathroom accessories that are of good quality at affordable prices. Any additional funds can be used to add some extra special details to your room such as trendy towels or a luxurious bath caddy.

Think About Functionality

Take a thorough look at your bathroom and determine what accessories you actually need, what size accessories will work in the available space and consider who will be using them – Young children? Elderly guests? When selecting accessories, it’s vital to think about how you and your family use the bathroom as this will determine what is important and what you really need. Do you need somewhere to hang your gown? Include robe hooks. No wall space to install a towel rack? Look for a free-standing one. Do you want things in easy reach? Try a bench-top toothbrush holder and soap dish. Prefer things to be stored away from view? Purchase handy drawer dividers or canisters with lids.

Suit Your Style

No matter what your style, be it sleek and modern, rustic or traditional, you should aim to choose accessories which match the lines and styles you have in your tiles and fixtures to ensure a sophisticated and seamless look. If you aren’t sure which accessories to pick, a simple rule to follow is to choose pieces that suit your tapware. If you have matte finish taps, don’t pick shiny accessories. Chic black taps? Try some contemporary black pieces to match in beautifully and complement the overall aesthetic.

Don’t Focus on Brands

When it comes to choosing taps and toilets, it often pays to select well-known brands that have a reputation for quality. After all, these fixtures and fittings can be expensive to repair and replace if anything goes wrong. However, when it comes to the little details such as toilet roll holders and towel rails, it’s not as necessary to think about the brand. Bathroom accessories generally have few, if any moving or technical parts, they are simply there to complete the look and provide the finishing details to the room and there’s often no difference between the one that is $20 and the one that is $200 except for the brand name, which often comes with the higher price tag.

If you are looking for the perfect bathroom accessories to complete your new bathroom or update your existing room for a more modern look, Budget Plumbing Centre Perth has everything you need, at the most competitive prices. Visit one of our showrooms today or shop our range online now.

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