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At Budget Plumbing we are Perth’s top bathroom plumbing specialists, transforming ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary sanctuaries. We believe a well-designed bathroom sets the tone for your day. That’s why we tirelessly hunt for innovative trends and products, ensuring your bathroom isn’t just a necessity, but a place of relaxation. Whether you’re after a complete makeover or a minor upgrade, we’re here to provide quality products and expert advice. Let’s make your bathroom the best room in your house.

While we’re on the topic of bathroom design, let’s dive into understanding the current bathroom design trends in Perth. We’re seeing a surge in the popularity of freestanding baths and sleek bathroom basins in Perth. The demand for high-quality bathroom tapware and accessories in Perth is also on the rise. As experienced bathroom suppliers, we’ve got all these trends covered in our bathroom warehouse in Bibra Lake.

Essential Elements of Bathroom Design

In our quest to perfect bathroom design, there are a few essential elements we should consider.

  1. Layout: Efficient use of space is key.
  2. Colour Scheme: It sets the mood.
  3. Lighting: Good lighting enhances the aesthetics.
  4. Storage: Sufficient storage keeps the bathroom tidy.

Maximising Space in Perth Bathrooms

Let’s now turn our attention to how we can maximise space in Perth bathrooms, building on the essential elements of design we’ve just discussed. Utilising wall-mounted fixtures, installing clear glass shower screens, and using light colours can create an illusion of more space. Corner sinks, extended counters, and thoughtful storage solutions can also save substantial space. Remember, smart design can turn a cramped bathroom into a spacious oasis.

Sustainable Bathroom Designs in Perth

We’re seeing a growing trend towards sustainable bathroom designs in Perth, as more and more homeowners are realising the benefits of eco-friendly features in their spaces.

  1. Water-saving fixtures: Low-flow showers and taps, dual-flush toilets.
  2. Energy-efficient lighting: LED lights for less energy use.
  3. Natural materials: Bamboo or recycled tiles for flooring and walls.
  4. Ventilation: Professionally installed windows reducing the need for electric fans.

These sustainable options not only save resources but also lower utility bills.

Successful Perth Bathroom Redesigns

Building on the trend of sustainable bathroom designs, we’ve seen some truly successful bathroom redesigns emerge in Perth. These renovations balance aesthetics with functionality and prioritise eco-friendliness. Many homeowners opt for water-saving fixtures and locally sourced materials, reducing both their environmental footprint and costs. Check out each product in our store, we display the WELS which allows consumers to make quick comparative assessments of the water efficiency of a product by viewing its water rating labels that shows a zero to six star rating. The more stars on the WELS rating label, the more water efficient the product.

From small updates to complete overhauls, these Perth bathroom redesigns prove that, with careful planning and execution, a sustainable, stylish and practical space is achievable.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re seeing a rise in the popularity of unique materials like natural stone, timber, and concrete in bathroom designs. They’re loved for their texture, durability, and ability to create a distinctive, modern aesthetic.

How Does the Climate in Perth Influence Bathroom Design Choices?

In Perth, we’re lucky to enjoy a warm, dry climate. This influences our bathroom design choices, often leaning towards open, airy spaces and materials that reflect heat, like stone or tile, to keep things cool.

Are There Any Local Perth Bathroom Designers or Architects You Would Recommend for a Bathroom Redesign Project?

Bring in your house plans for us to make recommendations on products from our bathroom warehouse Perth. Budget Plumbing can understand your vision for your bathroom redesign and help to make it a reality.

How Can I Incorporate Perth’s Cultural Heritage Into My Bathroom Design?

We’d suggest incorporating elements of Perth’s rich cultural heritage by using local materials and indigenous artwork. It’ll add a unique touch, representing the city’s history and character in your bathroom design.

What Considerations Should Be Made for Bathroom Designs in Perth’s Beachfront Properties?

Don’t we all dream of a perfect beachfront bathroom? We’d consider natural light, ventilation, materials resistant to humidity and salt, and a design evoking the serenity of Perth’s beautiful coastline. Isn’t that the beach life?


In our journey through Perth’s bathroom design landscape, we’ve seen trends come and go. But one thing remains constant – the joy of transforming a simple space into a sanctuary. So come instore or give us a call, let’s create your dream bathroom together, and make every day feel like a relaxing spa retreat.

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